These past few days have been back and forth rumors and non-rumors about Windows Phone 8 and whether there is a clean upgrade path for current phones. Ultimately, Microsoft has said nothing about this and of course, that means a lot of people are treating this as an indication that there won’t be an upgrade path. Of course, that’s just conjecture but what if there’s more to their silence? Enter MS Nerd who both reveals secrets and makes up rumors for social experiment:

Nice read, huh? Is it fact? No idea. I do recall that Microsoft had previously stated that all phones would get at least one major update and to make that true for the current generation would require a Windows Phone 8 update. So this is a believable rational reason or it’s mere guessing that fits into the story. Only time will tell.

What’s your guess?


  1. Since there is a lot of time before they actually ship the OS to ODMs and OEMs, I think upgrading might be possible after all. But on the other hand since these two use different kernels, it might not be an easy route and some sacrifices may be needed. I will just wait. Any way my contracts are up in November and I hope during holiday period we would get better Windows Phone.

  2. Microsoft also told us (via Paul Thurrott) that Microsoft would have final authority over the update release cycle. At this point I wouldn’t trust Microsoft even if they did make an announcement confirming an upgrade path from Windows Phone 7.5 to 8.

  3. I would be suprised if the current hardware does not get some sort of WP8 upgrade. Especially with L900 as the Nokia “flagship” phone. If MS can pull it off, it will be a major win against the Android phones.

  4. Leaves a few of us with first gen. devices on the edge. Should we wait for the Windows 8 devices? Or do we go ahead, buy a brand new shiny windows 7 device, and just wait for the “Upgrade”? I have to say the silence is kilings us. I don’t want to spend cash on a new phone that might be obsolete by the end of this year, It’s a “wait, and see” strategy at this point. Hope it pays out for all of us.

    • Hate to tell you that your phone is “obsolete” as soon as you buy it thanks to Android and their marketing strategy that is the new norm. But seriously just because it doesn’t have WP8 doesn’t mean it won’t still function perfectly in the WP environment let alone as a “smart” phone.

  5. A complete reflash makes perfect sense to me. As does the hesitation on Microsoft’s part. I don’t have a problem with that (I did a hard reset just prior to Mango to get a clean install) but that would not be easy from millions of typical users.

    So do you risk bad press when a small number of users lose valuable photos, gamer scores, or texts from a departed loved one. Or do you risk bad press by denying the upgrade to play it safe. Tough call. One think for sure. XDA Developers will get it figured out. Microsoft should be talking to them.

  6. @Mark I trust MS more than I do AT&T. STILL don’t have 8107. F***ers.

    @Axel Nope; I’m holding out at this point. I’ll wait until the end of the year & get a W8 device. Then I’ll strip my Surround and Son can play IloMilo all he wants without bothering me about it…

  7. it doesnt matter whether an upgrade is possible or not, I just want a different OS on the Nokia apart from the WPm…

    I hope and I strongly hope WP8 to be a game changer, WP7 is losing its throttle….

  8. Before my Android Dell Streak 5 got its first update, Dell put a backup and restore app out on the market.
    The instructions said to use the utility before doing the update. All went well.
    This is nothing new, I used a backup and restore utility on WinMo too before a flash.
    While I understand the isheep may not be able to handle following a step by step guide to flash. I always expected more from Windows users.
    It would be a shame if Microsoft thinks its customers can’t handle a doing a backup , and leaves the early adopters behind.

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