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Microsoft Has Not Confirmed WP8 Upgrade Plans Because of the Complexity of Flashing Phones For a New OS

These past few days have been back and forth rumors and non-rumors about Windows Phone 8 and whether there is a clean upgrade path for current phones. Ultimately, Microsoft has said nothing about this and of course, that means a lot of people are treating this as an indication that there won’t be an upgrade path. Of course, that’s just conjecture but what if there’s more to their silence? Enter MS Nerd who both reveals secrets and makes up rumors for social experiment:

Nice read, huh? Is it fact? No idea. I do recall that Microsoft had previously stated that all phones would get at least one major update and to make that true for the current generation would require a Windows Phone 8 update. So this is a believable rational reason or it’s mere guessing that fits into the story. Only time will tell.

What’s your guess?