Anyone planning to adopt a Windows Phone device soon might be a bit surprised to note Microsoft was not involved in the building of the WP OS messenger application. As unlikely as this sounds, its true. Microsoft outsourced the job to Miyowa, a company Microsoft has used in the past to build the application for various other implementations but never for a core OS build.

Miyowa confirmed in a blog post that it created the official WP messenger that will ship in November on all WP devices. MocoNews has reported that Miyowa’s CEO Pascal Lorne stated in an interview the application will be supported by advertisements. No mobile ad network was mentioned.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about a core application being driven by advertisements on my phone. Begs the question of future uses. Someday perhaps when we hit the green call button an ad driven dialer will pop up and inundate us with area code targeted spiels as we dial the numbers. I blame Google.

Photo courtesy of Miyowa.


  1. I’ll probably look for an all-in-one app anyway. I’m not a big fan of one app that only connects to one network, even if it gives me a couple of extra features. I tend to connect to many IM systems and have contacts across the board. Just an MSN app (or Yahoo or Google) doesn’t help me much for most use.

    Seems odd that MS would hand this over to someone else and let it be ad-driven, though.

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