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Microsoft Replaces Hotmail with Outlook

hotmailMicrosoft has just announced that they will be replacing Hotmail users with a new name for their service called Outlook. The highly successful  Hotmail account we have all loved, and in some cases hated through the years, will be no more. Now, current Hotmail owners will have a choice between and The transition will start slowly of course but everyone will lose their Hotmail account to one of the the two names Live or Outlook.

“We thought it was time to push the boundaries of email,” said Chris Jones, head of Microsoft’s Windows Live division, which includes Hotmail. “We created a new mail service for a modern user experience.”

I didn’t realize how long Hotmail has been around but it actually launched in 1996 and has over 325 million users around the world.

So what do you all think? Are you picking or