A while back Microsoft released Onit which was a dudes app. Now they’ve released a chicks app:

MSN Onpoint: How She Does It. Whether you are in a relationship or single, working at the office or running your household — we know you’re busy. We’ve handpicked stories & videos from leading magazines and websites so you don’t have to. We throw in the occasional eye candy and racy joke because, well, you deserve it.

We get that you barely have time to flip through your favorite magazines, let alone time to stay on top of current events, books, and blockbusters; to gather fitness & beauty tips, parenting & career advice; to discover your next vacation spot or culinary inspiration.

Use the Favorites List to save articles for later. Login with your Windows® Live ID to sync your settings and Favorites List between mobile devices – so you can read what you want, when you want, where you want. Login to Facebook to share content with your friends. Great content, coupled with Bing™ and social-networking makes MSN Onpoint a game-changer for the busy woman.

Seems pretty full featured. Full details are here.


  1. Umm. You know, I dislike “for men” and “for women” things because they’re really “for the stereotype” and we don’t all fall into those. I like action and SF movies, I’m a technogeek of some degree, I can’t stand pink as a general rule, I can’t STAND sit-coms, I play MMORPGs, and I very rarely go “squee” over fashions or accessories. (Okay, I have gone squee over, um, 2 things I can think of – my current clutch and my wedding shoes. Hey, I have to keep my chick card somehow…)

    If this is free, I *might* look at it, but I call ‘Meh.”

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