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Microsoft Releases Onit and MMS 2011 Apps For WP7

Microsoft has continued to roll out apps for Windows phones (37 to date) with the latest two being an app geared towards men called Onit and a Microsoft Management Summit 2011 guide app. MSN Onit has a broader appeal as a guys app. Here’s their description:

The guy’s guide to girls, cars, gadgets, fitness and life advice–plus a touch of humor. Every day MSN® Onit curates the most interesting content from your favorite magazines, highlights events and activities around town, and puts them in the palm of your hand.
MSN Onit brings you the best men’s lifestyle content to help you stay on top of recent information and trends, then pairs it with local activities so you can hit the town. MSN Onit brings you a weekly dose of beautiful women, financial tips, the gadgets you need, the technology you lust after, and local news.
You’ll get daily life advice or a morsel of trivia–on subjects ranging from science to history to sex. You’ll get great automotive reviews, first drives and slideshows. You’ll get tips on getting in shape, staying in shape or amping up your workout. Eat & drink features provide you with tips on cooking the perfect steak, picking the perfect beer or navigating the restaurant menu for lean dining options. You’ll find DIY articles and guides, the best in fashion and style advice for men, and sports–the latest updates as well as a lighter look. Catch up on what you missed last night on tv or explore the realm of pop culture and sci-fi.
MSN Onit also blends the power and hyper-local convenience of Bing™ with the best social networking features. Login to Facebook so you can share MSN Onit content with your friends.
Don’t have time to get to it all today? We’ve built in a handy “To Go” list to help you make the most of MSN Onit. Whenever you see a check mark at the bottom of the screen, just tap it for a list of “extras” to save for later.
Login with your Windows® Live ID to sync your MSN Onit settings and To Go list between devices.
MSN Onit, a guy’s guide, for Windows Phone 7.

Here’s a video of it in action from Mobile Tech World:

And the second app MS loaded today is MMS 2011 which they describe as “This applications allows MMS 2011 attendees browse session data, build their online schedule, view event announcements”

Both apps are free and in marketplace now. Glad to see MS step up and keep a steady flow of apps.