According to WinRumors Microsoft is going to announce the availability of Silverlight for Xbox at Mix. For developers this would be great because with some resizing, etc they can take their Silverlight apps and sell them on a bigger screen. And obviously as the Microsoft ecosystem expands there’s more of an incentive to make apps for it (for both Windows Phones and Xbox and in time PC which you can do now just not through a Marketplace). Of course if they time them in so you can buy once and use them in both places I think everyone would benefit (as users would be more likely to pay for an app that has the additional use).

If you think you’ve heard this already you’re not mistaken. About 2 years ago Microsoft said that they were going to make Silverlight available on the Xbox 360. Let’s hope that if the new rumor pans out that the release is immediate and we’re not an another 2 year cycle.


  1. I still don’t get why IE 9 and Bing aren’t on the 360 especially with the popularity that set top boxes like Apple TV and Google TV are starting to garner. Imagine pressing the guide button and being able to enter a website. Imagine Bing voice search with the headset or kinect (think WP7).

    Damn it Microsoft, you’re ****ing up good money!

  2. @The Fight: Great thought. Having IE9 and Bing on the Xbox combined with Kinect would give it an almost insurmountable edge over the Sony offerings. It would also bring in incredible amounts of usage and revenue for Microsoft. This is one of those things that just needs to happen quickly. If not someone is clearly sleeping at the wheel.

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