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WP7 Friday Freebies: Dodge, Chess and Blitz Brick

imageThe lure of free games. I have a few that I’ve been playing and want to share with you. The first is Dodge from Nick Gravelyn. This is arguably the simplest and most addictive gave I’ve played in a long time. You’re the green ball and using your finger you need to avoid getting hit by the red balls which increase in number, speed and of course they start bouncing all over the place as the game progresses. The game lasts about a minute. At the 20 second mark you need to start paying attention. By thirty seconds you’re working to avoid things and by forty seconds you have to get the adrenaline flowing to stay away from those bastard red dots. I know, it sounds so simple but I’m telling you – I’ve lost at least a half hour to the game today which is 45-60 seconds at a time. Oh and to take it up a notch there are multiple boards. They have barricades at variable locations that you can hide in or get trapped in depending on how you play it. There’s an online leaderboard too and it definitely adds to it. Yup, I’m #5 now on the first board and if any of you bump me from that spot just stop visiting the site. Really, I was expected a simple game I’d play for a minute and get bored with and I’m already really into it and see it as a great time filler. It’s very well put together and I think you should definitely check it out. You can download the game from this link.

imageNext let’s do a classic – a brick breaker clone called Blitz Brick. It’s well put together and at the bottom of the screen there’s an area to slide your finger to control the paddle. On the left side is an area that triggers the bonuses, like firing the laser and it works for multitouch. The whole thing is buttery smooth and without a hitch. This version is free to get you hooked. It’s actually the first 15 levels but there’s a paid version with 35 levels. If you like the genre definitely check out Blitz Brick Free.

Now let’s go to Chess By Post Free. It’s a free version of Chess but this one is filled that the goodness of turn-by-turn play. You can challenge friends or play strangers and it matches people with a similar skill level to make it fun. There are also push notifications to tell you when it’s your move. And you can chat with opponents with an in-message board. I haven’t tried it but so far it has two 5 star reviews.

Don’t worry, I have more for you…just not today. Enjoy.

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