Google has given a reprieve for Windows Phone users by extending their support for new Windows Phone connections via Google Sync until July 31, 2013. We give Google a ton of criticism so it is only fair we give them a golf clap for extending an olive branch to the Windows Phone community.

In the meantime Microsoft is working on an update to bring support for both CalDAV and CardDAV to the Windows Phone platform.

Source: Windows Phone Blog


  1. Well good. Perhaps also in the meantime Google could reconsider whether or not this whole plan was completely effing stupid in the first place and keep Activesync for existing and new accounts, with a candid acknowledgement that, while they think the world would be prettier if we relied on non-proprietary things, “the thought of ditching Activesync at all is just plain dumb and rude and sorry everybody we’ll try to be less dumb moving forward.”

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