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Nvidia wants to bring the Tegra 3 to Windows Phones–not happening yet

Nvida’s SVP of mobile business told reporters he has a “tremendous amount of respect for Windows Phone and its potential…I love to work with Microsoft and we work with Microsoft on so many different levels that it would make a lot of sense to work together.” Two things to take away from this. Obviously Nvidia would like to be used for Windows Phones but that’s simple business. I’m sure they’d love to be on Blackberry’s and iOS and Bada and just about any phone regardless of platform. The other thing to take away is that he notes that it would make sense to work together. In other words, they are not currently working together…that or he’s not an idiot and isn’t going to ‘make news’ that he’s not supposed to.

Nvidia is all over Windows RT and that’s the same WinRT (damnit the first WinRT is the ARM based tablet, the second WinRT is the code base) that will be at the heart of both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. So if Nvidia is optimizing their chips for Win8 then it makes sense it is simultaneously being optimized for Windows Phone 8.