Skype and Lync will work hand in a strategy to allow the consumerization of IT to move ahead full steam.  Two sides of the same coin really.  Lync is the corporate side of the coin and one of Microsoft’s fastest adopted services.  The Skype purchase enables Microsoft to lock in regular consumers and also gives Microsoft the ability to integrate the two services and lock in corporate users.  Corporate + Consumer domination is Microsoft’s end goal.  They are out to expand their ecosystem while simultaneously cutting off competitors before any real traction gets started.

Note: The inclusion of Live Messenger in the featured slide means that Messenger can be seen as the joint that will bring the two services together.  Makes a lot of sense given the large user base of Windows Live Messenger and the increased presence of Windows Live Essentials going forward.


  1. This makes sense. This means Live Messenger will cease to use video through messenger and will use Skype instead. So one step further- from Live Messenger you willb e able to video chat through Skype, WL or Facebook in the enar future. Nice product :)

  2. Steve Ballmer kept cautioning that he had to be careful because they are still going through regulatory approval with Skype. I guess he doesn’t want to scare the regulatory boards by seeing that All Devices part of the slide. It sure does look like Microsoft is intending on making Skype and the rest of their software available in every facet of a person’s life. Example 1 is the Skype and Facebook video chat partnership.

  3. it will be fascinating to see how they strike a balance between Microsoft Lync server and skype. there is much opportunity for integration yet they should still probably be treated as distinct offerings.

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