A few zingers (okay a lot of zingers) and tons of great, discussion starting information flowed from the mouth of Microsoft’s Kevin Turner.

  • 75 more Microsoft Stores opening over the next 2 to 3 years.  Microsoft found out the magic behind having customers having a first class hands on experience with your products.   Check out the two maps to see the expanded store coverage in the U.S. In his words, Microsoft is “doubling down” on stores.
  • The hope and goal for Windows Phone is to get to 100 Million phones a year just with the Nokia deal alone!  Big bet for the company and they will keep coming and coming until they reach those figures.  COO Turner: Winning in phones is going to require even more work.  He then echoes Ballmer’s we’re going to keep coming and coming.”  Basically Microsoft knows that their effort is only going to need to be increased and no delusions are happening at Microsoft.  They know the work it will take to win in the mobile phone market.


Turner compared Microsoft’s ecosystem to Apple’s.  Major difference touted is the unified experience Microsoft customers will have.

  • Keeping with the theme, apparently Apple even loves Windows! Zing!!!  An authorized Apple retail store in Latin America spotted showcasing Windows running on a Mac.
  • Up for a fresh Google zinger or two?  Here’s your fill.
  • Office 365 is nothing but a Google butt kicker!
  • Google is a company that has it in their mission statement a reminder to do no evil.  Yazzuh!

All in all if I had to choose one guy to motivate and to compete out front with competitors it would be hands down Kevin Turner.  Put this guy on the same stage as Steve Jobs and its like a heavyweight fight and my money would still be all on Turner.  He’s a pro’s pro at what he does.


  1. Hmmm …. 100 million phones in one year? It took apple a few years to sell the iPhone to that level, and people line up around the block for that. Good luck with that one.

  2. Well Nokia does traditionally sell a boat load of phones every year so featuring Windows Phone on their phones makes it not unreasonable. Especially considering the suspected marketing push Nokia is about to unleash for the Mango release. The world is bigger than just the U.S. and sometimes Americans forget that.

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