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PART 2: Double Edge Sword of Unlocking Cell Phones (T-Mobile USA)

I promised our readers an update of the aggravation I have had with trying to get the unlock code for my Nokia 521. Keep in mind I have unlocked my device but I did not get the code from T-Mobile cause of the run around they gave me. I have decided to do a new post instead of updating the first post. For those readers just joining us here is Part One: . If you need time please click the link and I will wait here for you to catch up with what has happened so far.

Now you have read my article up to date from the first post, then let’s continue with the new information on my case.

I sent my post to a T-Mobile PR Media Rep asking them to review my post and comment on it if they could. That email was sent on 14 June 2013. I received a response by the PR Media Rep asking for some time to look into the situation. I had no problem with that so I waited till today 18 June 2013 and sent a “Just Checking Back” request.

The PR Media Rep replied if someone could call me to talk. I sent my phone number and today a Customer Service Care Rep from Corporate called me.

The Customer Service Care Rep asked that I had an issue with unlocking my device and I said I did. I told her everything that I posted in the first post, including what happened in the retail store about the customer in front of me. I informed her that aggravated me the most. I informed the Customer Service Care Rep that I was given so many answers why I could not unlock my device (some of the answers I got was I had to have service with $50.01 on my account, another one is I had to have service for 40 days, another is service for 60 days, another is 180 days, another Nokia has to unlock it not T-Mobile).

The Customer Service Care Rep replied that the Nokia 521 is part of a Pre-Paid Kit. She said in the terms that came with the phone, says I have to have service first before they unlock the device.

I replied back that I have kept the box the phone came in and I will look at the information it came with, but at the same time T-Mobile website DOES NOT say this. I even opened up the link and read her what the site says.


Well by this time (even though the Customer Service Care Rep kept calm) the Customer Service Care Rep was getting agitated with me. She quickly mentioned that T-Mobile has the last say if the device gets unlocked or not. She then quickly asks if there is anything else she could do for me?

I said no and both of us hung up the phone.

I will say this since T-Mobile is basing themselves as a customer friendly, the Customer Service Care Rep sealed the deal for me to never use T-Mobile.  Three strikes and you are out.  Strike one – Store rep willing to unlock an AT&T Phone but not my T-Mobile Phone.  Strike 2 – Never getting the same answer twice on WHY THEY COULD NOT UNLOCK IT.  Strike 3 – The Customer Service Care Rep not really caring.

Now since the phone call I brought out my box that held the so called terms and conditions she talked about. I have read every book, box, and piece of paper that the phone came with. NOWHERE and I repeat NOWHERE does it say I have to have service to get the unlock code. I even took pictures of the terms and conditions, the box, and anything else found in the box. I have sent an e-mail to the PR Media Rep asking,

” I still cannot find anywhere on the box, T&C, or website where it says I have to pay for service before I get an unlock code.

Can you help me out by showing me this?”

I am now waiting for the reply back. As always when I get an update I will post that here.

My pictures of anything related to unlocking, or using the device on another network are below for your reviewing.

Post a comment below on what you think!