Windows 8 (now 8.1) is out and vastly improved from the version that landed in consumers hands a year ago. Sadly Microsoft and OEM partners face a new hurdle to getting the much improved OS offering into the hands of consumers. Go into most third-party retailers and you’ll no doubt overhear a conversation that goes like this.
Consumer: “I need a new computer, which do you recommend?”
Sales Associate: “Well do you plan on being productive or will you use it for Facebook and social networking and gaming?”
Consumer: “Both but I need Microsoft Office”
Sales Associate: “Well you can,get any software nowadays on the Mac too.”
Sales Associate: “If you want a computer that will work the same way every time you turn it on get a Mac. Windows 8 doesnt and I know you want to avoid having problems after problems.”

Yes folks Microsoft’s biggest enemy isn’t Apple or Google’s Chromebooks. Windows 8’s biggest hurdle is the Nerd Herd computer associates manning the aisles at your local big box retailer.

Did you know Mac OS X was easy and simple to learn while Windows 8 requires advanced knowledge? Neither did I nor did I know, according to sales associate, finding all your apps are easier in Mac OS X. The sales associate completely neglected to mention Windows 8’s window key that returns the user to start screen where 90% of all users frequently used apps would reside.

This is why the battle will be hard and long for Windows 8. Taking on multiple enemies on multiple fronts might require Microsoft to deploy an army of Chuck Bartowski clones to deal with this threat.


  1. yeah some of my local Best Buy staff curse me inside. Of course they love me being there, because most of the time I help them. But whenever they start lying like this, I correct them and show their fallacy in front of their customers. I diverted few MBA sales towards Surface Pro last year. Now-a-days I am not going to Best Buy because I don’t like to listen to lies and keep quiet. It is Microsoft’s responsibility to depute their staff at those stores and make sure everything goes smoothly. I can do that on weekends, but they have to pay me. :)

  2. I always get a kick out of how people compare a $1300 MBA to a $400-$700 (or $259 for the bargain minded) and say, get the fruit, cause it just works. It damn well better for that price.

    News flash: for $1300 you can get a nice Windows laptop, nice Windows tablet, and nice Windows phone that just work….together.

    • Exactly Jim. They pitch $1300-$2000 laptops to the lower end Windows laptops. The associate sure as heck didn’t mention the Surface Pro 2 which comes with a stylus at the guy was asking about or the fact that several other Windows Laptops are even more powerful with a savings of $200-300.

      I don’t mind someone letting a customer know that since they already have an iPhone it will be easier to transfer pictures and media to a Mac. Just don’t go around spouting nonsense because 99% of the time nobody will be around to correct you. I think seeing these displays of salesmanship makes me want to really work on the front lines and battle these misconceptions that Pro-Apple users recite all the time.

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