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Use Bing Reward Points To Get More OneDrive Enthusiast Bonus Years

Remember back a few days ago when I wrote about SkyDrive getting converted to OneDrive and there was chance that you could get 100GB enthusiast bonus? (CLICK HERE) Well  it turns out that you can now use your unused Bing Reward Points to extend that 100GB enthusiast bonus by one year. That’s right, if you use 100 Bing Reward Points it will extend it one year. So like like one of our staff writers mentioned is that he has 4600 points so he could get 46 years of 100gb extended enthusiast bonus years. I’m not sure if he used all those points to do that but many people are extending their bonus by several years at least:

NOTE: It appears that Microsoft has caught on. Some folks got 3 years or more but they are limiting it to just two years extension. Hey that’s still not a bad deal.

Thanks David K