Well you are aware that I’ve bought Microsoft Band and I also said I am a Microsoft fan-boy. Even though I really like every technology out there, and use what serves my purpose, I prefer using Microsoft technologies. Keeping that aside, I also own both Xbox One and Xbox 360 with Kinect. Of course I also have original Xbox. But I am not talking about that. I regularly play Sports and rigorously do Zumba dance with the help of Xbox Kinect, whether it is Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Now I also started wearing Band regularly and found I like it more and more. Since my Windows Phone sits on the table next to my “Xbox Studio room”, it really updates the stuff to Microsoft App on Windows Phone. I searched and couldn’t find Microsoft Health App on Xbox. I feel Microsoft should integrate both Xbox 360+Kinect 1 and Xbox One + Kinect 2 with Microsoft Band and of course with Game Studios to best use the Band facilities. And also it should work with developers who created apps like Zumba on Windows Phone to let them use the Band capabilities. That would be really cool.


Take a look at Microsoft Health Intelligence Engine image I pasted next, you wouldn’t see Xbox or Kinect in that image. Why Microsoft just left its greatest invention especially the lazy bums like that wouldn’t go out for workout, would definitely use Xbox Kinect Games like Sports, Zumba, and other activity games also burn calories and stay fit, I just can’t understand.


On Microsoft health portal web site they mentioned that they’ve a powerful vision which would allow their device and service partners to collaborate and provide wealthy of information about you and your fitness. In their words “Microsoft Health is the beginning of an exciting journey we’re taking to help you live healthier. We have a powerful vision of what’s possible when premium device and service partners collaborate on an open platform. Eventually, you’ll be able to use the information gathered from a variety of devices and services to give you insights into your entire day across nutrition, work, fitness and rest. We invite you to join us, whether you’re a partner, fitness enthusiast, or just wanting to live a healthier life, as we build this experience together.” Since the above statement is open ended, there is every chance that Microsoft could eventually bring an app for Xbox + Kinect owners and integrate the Band to leverage the Kinect power and take the platform to the next level.


I didn’t make it up, you could read more about their vision on their portal here. Since they’ve such a vision which is definitely powerful why they didn’t include their own premium device that could be used by entire family doing passive activities such as playing sports, dance and other physical activities is my sincere question to them. The Xbox App for Health could be a family app, which every member of that family who stand in front of Xbox Kinect with their band can automatically login and add their information and generate the reports and export it to “their” OneDrive or OneNote and print it and take it to next doctor’s appointment with them to support their purpose.


End of my rant.


  1. I don’t think there is any doubt that Microsoft is hard at work integrating the Band with Xbox and Kinect. I think the Band, while loaded with potential and priced to appeal to the masses at 200 bucks was rushed. The design elements of the watch are terrible and Microsoft was clearly doing everything in thier power to launch the Band prior to the Apple Watch coming out. I’m not sure at this point that their approach of rushing the band to market was a smart one. Granted Microsoft has missed the boat on so many things in the past and had to play catch up but this product needs more design thought put into it than what they did. Apple however will have watch that will literally transform into so many different products. Fashion, fitness, wearability. I just think Apple will have a much more advanced and market ready watch and its branding will clearly sell tons of them. I will be getting the Apple watch at launch and look forward to your iSheep comments. LOL

    • I am looking at version two of this with some more sensors like bio-impedance, and gadgets that could feed information to Band and Health App similar to iHealth etc. I don’t wonder if Microsoft is working iHealth Kit creators to integrate those with their Health Portal. Even though Apple Watch may look better than this band, Apple is no match when it comes to Microsoft’s health offerings and their cloud power. Having said that, the local Microsoft store is selling the bands pretty fast. Today evening I was at local store and the rep there told me they are left with very few small size bands. And this is their 4th or 5th shipment after the launch. These are walking out of the store pretty fast. I also noticed. after the price cut on Xbox One and separating Kinect from it, made a lot of momentum there and they are selling good number of consoles daily. Let us see who will win in the wearable market. As of now Google already took a ding with their only wearable at the moment, Glass. The developers are saying Meh to Google Glass. Yeah, I am not talking about Android watches by various OEMs, mind you. And a lot of sites said Apple stopped selling Fitbit, but I saw a good number of Fitbit devices displayed at local Apple Stores. We have two in St. Louis area and they’ve plenty of those. Finally, iOS ecosystem is growing rapidly and I would definitely give one to Apple on that. I started with owning iHealth Kit for checking BP. I am planning to get door lock and garage opener from there pretty shortly.

    • You do know that this is Microsoft’s Smart BAND not their Smartwatch. Big difference there. I believe Microsoft is still going to launch a Smartwatch in the future.

  2. I agree-I think they rushed it to get on the wearables bandwagon (har de har). I like the idea of a single wearable, though. Who’s going to wear a fitness band AND a smartwatch?

  3. It seems like something is missing from those early concept meetings. Either participants are regularly knocked down for thinking outside the box, or there just aren’t any true forward thinkers. That’s what repeatedly puts Microsoft behind the curve.

    Surely someone should have considered at Band Concept Meeting One that XBox w/Kinect, the only previously available fitness related product from the company, should have been integrated into the launch of the band. Ready to go on day one. Not an afterthought.

  4. The one thing you don’t see at Microsoft is fashion and lifestyle gurus. That is why even when they do manage to get slim and light the design language ends up utilitarian.

    I wont ever judge the Microsoft Band in comparison to Apple iWatch based on sales. Microsoft is pushing its health platform and the key is getting partners to deliver the devices while they concentrate on software.

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