imageLet the haters hate. What Microsoft unveiled today was something no one else has done. On on worldwide basis they released a simultaneous update across carriers and devices. The iPhone has avoided this by having a single device for all. Android has ignored this entirely and updates only occur if you’re lucky. As Microsoft notes:

Today we’re starting the roll out of Windows Phone 7.5 to more than 98 percent of existing Windows Phone customers. This is a simultaneous, coordinated, global update that cuts across carriers, phone models, and countries. This time, almost everybody is going first.

If you’re wondering that 2% make up a few phones (like the Focus 1.4 and DVP) that Microsoft wants to do more testing on before releasing it to the masses. But remember that Microsoft is releasing updates that are specific to your phone. So they are optimized to your carrier for example and optimized to the specific hardware in your device. You can quickly see how many variables they had to deal with as part of this roll out and that’s part of what makes this massive global release so impressive.

We all know that Microsoft had issues with past releases but they clearly have learned from their mistakes. But in the end they proved the naysayers wrongs. Regardless of carrier, location and hardware they pulled off a first in the industry and that’s impressive. And from all accounts, it looks like there’s no looking back for them. Brilliant work and of course, suck it Android because Android rolls out updates like a fat ballerina.

This can be done and this has been done. Well played Microsoft. Now get some new phones on the shelves already.


  1. I had a developer preview of Mango myself. Originally, we were not supposed to get the upgrade to RTM unless we rolled back to NoDo. But at the last minute MS figured out how to upgrade us without rolling back. Just plugged my phone, said an update was available and in less than an hour it completed backup and upgrade, all without any further user intervention (and I have a 32 Gb card filled with music and videos and only 4 gigs left). Having seen the troubles MS had in the past, and the troubles with Android phones, this is really outstanding.

  2. At first I was going to suggest that you resist saying how much better this or that about WP is than Android given that WP’s features include perpetually going sideways as the mixture of obscurity and perceived superiority only frustrates you people, but then I figured nah, let’s not get combative and instead run the numbers again. Yesterday I reported that of all WP7.* site pageviews yesterday up through 2pm, like 8 or 9% of them were Mango. Today you’re at 37%.

    Even though this is a WP-heavy tech-heavy site where you’d expect people to upgrade fast, that is a very impressively swift migration, so good that it makes me want to double check my math.

    So congrats to you and bravo to those responsible for coordinating this whole thing.

  3. I have both the Samsung Focus and the Dell Venue Pro. I was able to get Mango on both so please update to show the DVP IS getting updates now.

  4. hmm, I’m a WP dev, but I didn’t upgrade my phone to Mango, just my dev environment.
    However, no upgrade love so far for my Focus..
    I keep checking Zune..

  5. Does anyone know where a published list of the 500 new Mango/7.5 features is?

    That sure would be an interesting value adding read.

    Talk to me Goose!

  6. Anyone know if the HD7S is getting the update now? Or is it part of the 2%?
    I kinda wish I had kept my surround…

  7. they only update 10% of all devices. next week they raise up to 25% and one or two weeks later to 100%. next time read the whole article before posting shit.

    >>This week, we’ll be making the update available to 10 percent of customers. If everything looks good, we’ll open up the spigot a bit more—to around 25 percent. We’ll hold there for one or two weeks, then quickly ramp up to 100 percent—monitoring quality the entire way. That’s how we ensure Mango arrives both quickly and in tip-top shape. <<

  8. I was hoping registered devs would get updated sooner, if they still had NoDo..usually better feedback.
    Guess not.
    I’ll put the RC1 Mango on it then…

  9. To be honest, I think it shows why Android is “so right”. Why should everyone be forced to accept a voluntary update – wasn’t “Windows Mobile 7” the software that taught us “just because it has a newer version number after it doesn’t mean it’s better”?

    – 2 Bunny

  10. @2 Bunny:

    This is remarkably lame comment. The only people forcing the update are those eager to get to get it – all MS does is tell you that it is available. Still it is entertaining to see Android’s update ineptitude as “so right”.

  11. @Danny:
    I still don’t see much of a functionality upgrade. Not to provoke anything here, but what is so great about “Windows Mobile 7”?

    – 2 Bunny

  12. anyone can update now just plug in to pc and go to settings on your zune software click update and immediately pull the plug on your internet to your pc wait about 20 seconds and your phone will tell you your update is ready plug in internet again and update do this two times for pre update and mango

  13. @2 Bunny: really just go to the text message app voice to text feature is awesome also chat on facebook integrated perfectly , i have my contacts in groups now family friends and work there are a lot more and any transition from people posts to a link are super fast not and return very fast so many others

  14. @jesse harmon:
    I don’t really have any use for “voice to text”. I would just call someone if I wanted to do that, LOL! I also don’t use Facebook, but if I did, it is integrated quite well into Manila.

    Anything at all?

    – 2 Bunny

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