mlbpro12mainAmerica’s past time has managed to capture the hearts of millions of American’s since way before my time. Even if you find sitting through hours of slow paced action exasperating you still have that itch to keep up with the sport you grew up loving. Well from early accounts MLB Pro ‘12 does the trick and more.

Here’s the description:

From the makers of the Popular and Trusted NFL Pro ’12, NBA Pro ’12 and NHL Pro ’12

The Ultimate MLB App has arrived to Windows Phone!, MLB Pro ’12 will give you Fast, Trustworthy scores, Up to the Minute Stats and Standings and much more. Never miss another game again!, whether you follow your favorite MLB Team or glance at every single game, MLB Pro ’12 offers you the most comprehensive coverage available on your Windows Phone.

MLB Pro ’12 Features

  • Fantasy Playoff Prediction: Personalize your own fantasy playoff prediction and pick who is going to win the MLB World Series this year! and compare it to everybody else’s prediction.
  • Favorite Team: Follow your favorite team and gain easy access to your team page
  • Live Tile: Pin as many teams as you want on your start screen and get a glance at their next game
  • Deep News and Roster: Check the Latest news for Every team in the MLB and full Roster with detailed information about all players
  • Latest Videos and Podcasts: Check out the latest videos and podcasts about the MLB and enjoy watching all the action on MLB Pro ’12
  • Live Sports Talk: Share your comments and knowledge with everybody else at your Team’s Page and talk trash at the other team’s pages

You can grab the app from the marketplace here

If you wanted to know what others have thought on the app so far here’s a user review from the marketplace.


  1. My point is that being threatening and neneamidg and acting petulantly at every turn is not going to accomplish anything. Nothing good can come of how Sternberg has acted.You are underestimating the amount of revenue that is at Stu Sternberg’s disposal. If you think he is hamstrung, you are mistaken. Not that anyone for sure knows precisely, but it is a lot more than what kind of major league effort that Stu has put in the 25 man roster.If you can’t afford it, then sell. Heck, my only loyalty to this is to the fans of the team, more so than to the team itself. It hurts and hurts royally to see this team and its fans crapped on every other minute. And it also hurts to see our media just bend over backwards and support the Rays management team and MLB’s agenda blindly without any wink or nod to the fans’ plight. The fact we have Major League Baseball in our community is a tremendous asset not lost by me. Again, it doesn’t take a billionaire, but heck, I want a FAN of my area that I love, a pure champion of the fans and the community, not some carpetbagging dictator with good business sense to come in and simply rake everyone over the coals for his own benefit. There are Chris Sullivans or Bob Bashams or Jeff Viniks out there, or a consortium of owners who only need about 30 or so percent of the club (Stu’s percentage) to buy him out and take over the managing general partnership.The time is NOT NOW for a stadium. Let’s table it, let’s revisit it in about 3 years when the planning can resume with the bonds of the Trop paid off. Let’s have proposals on both sides of the bay, and an owner who will not force himself on the Mayor’s office or City Council and cry to MLB about what he can or can’t do. Stu has offered ZERO in solutions in this, rather he just restates his position. Let St. Pete/Pinellas have one last shot at it, and if they come up with something, they get a right of first refusal, if not, then I would imagine they would be amenable to the lease being revisited ONLY if the club will go to Hillsborough.

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