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I Just Updated My Focus To NoDo Thanks To Canada

There are lots of ways to get NoDo on Windows Phones. Wait for your carrier, the Chris Walsh method, the Hungarian proxy method or the Canadian method. Wait, you didn’t know you could go Canadian? I thought you followed us on Twitter. The other day we Tweeted: If you have a Focus change the carrier to ROG-CA and you don’t need the Hungarian proxy to get NoDo – Just connect to Zune. Well I’ve since received both the preNoDo and the NoDo updates and they are Focus updates (not sure if there are any specific Focus bug fixes but we haven’t been made away of any – I still prefer it being the right update for my phone). The advantage of this method over the Hungarian method is that you don’t need to connect to the Hungarian servers by proxy and then try to time your connection\disconnection. Instead just change the carrier in your registry (HKLM\System\Platform\DeviceTargetingInfo\MobileOperator) to ROG-CA and you’re set. Telus Canada also has the Surround so the same trick should work for them but then change the carrier to LUS-CA. Like always, all of the standard ‘do this at your own risk, we accept no responsibility for what you do and we do not endorse or warranty this method, etc’ applies so like any mods this is something you do if you’re willing to live with the unknown consequences.

So you know, my plan is to update to NoDo now and when AT&T officially releases the NoDo update I’m going to wind back NoDo, rebrand my phone to AT&T and get the AT&T update just as a precaution. For now, I’d like to thank Rogers and the Canadians for helping me out when AT&T did what it’s done as long as I could remember – fail to deliver an update.