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MMS Settings For T-Mobile HTC HD2 On AT&T Network

pumpyouuptmobilehd2 Finally! I wanted to quickly throw this up for all the people emailing me on how to download an MMS Message on the T-Mobile HTC HD2 unlocked on AT&T’s network. Paradigm_Shift at XDA has posted the settings to allow you to finally start downloading your MMS Messages and here it is:

From the Home page go to…

Messages/All Messages/Menu/Settings/Options/Menu/MMS Server/New

Server Name: Cingular MMS
Gateway:     (This is
Port number: 80
Server address:
Connect via: MEdia Net
Sending size limitation: 300k
WAP Version: WAP 2.0

Then use menu and set it as default.

Go get your messages!!!

I tried this out and it is working perfectly on mine which is still on the original T-Mobile ROM. The only issue is MMS Messages do not show up in full screen, but in the original resolution. Here is what looks to be the tweak for that but I have not tried it yet. I will test it out if I have not gotten any feedback from the field! LOL

Many thanks to Paradigm_Shift!!!  The thread you can head over to at XDA is RIGHT HERE Please make sure you head on over there and post a huge round of thanks!