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WM Wins The Browser Battle

What happens if you pits the browsers on the iPhone 3Gs, HTC HD2, Droid, Nokia N900, Nokia N97, Palm Pre and the Blackberry Storm 2? Well Windows Mobile comes out on top…but we all knew it was the best:) AreaMobile states (in slightly broken translated text) “Because of the excellent speed, the completely fluent scrolling and the giant screen, the HTC HD2 lies with ease in total, just before the iPhone 3GS.” Here are the straight stats (the left column in each comparison has cookies and cache enabled):

So the iPhone and the HTD HD2 battled for first in terms of speed, and the HD2 ultimately has a higher rendering accuracy rating and of course a larger and sharper screen. By the way, The HD2 was running Opera 9.7 and not that latest version and likely not in turbo mode so there was still room to take an undisputed first place. I’d love to know if SkyFire would seal the deal since I’ve always found it the fastest in rendering and it handles flash.

Well it’s good to know that if you test the raw data WM is still holding the top tier. To read the entire finding check out Area Mobile’s post.

via WMPowerUser