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Office Mobile 2010 Available Now For Download (Free)

MS has just set Office Mobile 2010 live for free on Marketplace for those of you with 6.5 provided you already have a license to Office – presumably that’s all of you since almost all phones include it. You should know that if you go to Marketplace it will not appear until you log in (presumably since it knows your device it will then confirm the device type has a license and let you see the upgrade). It’s a large download at almost 5megs.If you don’t know, here’s their description:


Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 brings the powerful Microsoft Office 2010 tools you use every day to the screen of your Windows phone. With rich interfaces especially designed for small devices, Office Mobile 2010 is a free upgrade for Windows Mobile 6.5 phones that have an earlier version of Office Mobile installed. By installing this application, you agree to the Terms of Use for Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 that are described below.


  • View and edit your Microsoft® Office® documents with confidence.
  • Stay connected to work from anywhere with SharePoint Workspace Mobile
  • Take notes on your phone with ease – insert voice clips, pictures or make a quick list.
  • Use PowerPoint Mobile as a Presentation Companion.
  • To get the upgrade just go to Marketplace and it will show up in the new category once you log in.