Holiday 2010 Giveaway #1

We’ve been opening packages the wrong way guys!  This tool lets you easily open nearly ANY package that you come across.  That includes CDs and DVDs, plastic packaging, zip-ties, cardboard, and more.  The OpenIt! tool by The Zibra Company includes a heavy duty scissor tool as well as a retractable utility blade and a hide-away screwdriver.  

Just in time for your holiday shopping, we’re going to giveaway one of these to a randomly selected reader (we’ll choose the winner tonight and announce it tomorrow).  All you have to do is leave a semi-clever comment below. 

Even if you don’t win this one, be sure to link to us on Facebook and Twitter so you’re ready for future giveaways.  I have a feeling there will be plenty more of them in the coming days and weeks…

In fact, iPhone 4 users should check us out TOMORROW for a giveaway of a product we recently reviewed..

Good Luck!

Update!  We have a winner!   sm0k3ydaband1t
I’ll be in touch!

Stay tuned for Giveaway #2, which should go live very soon!

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  1. Id love this, but I wont ruin this for the readers. Leave a comment guys! (hint: try a bit of brown nosing hahahaha)

  2. I really need this! If I had just had this months ago when I tried to get my new flash drive out of the package, I would still have 10 fingers.

  3. @Camille – I like that one! haha. Im excited to read the comments to follow.

    Chris im glad you threw in “All you have to do is leave a semi-clever comment below.”
    that way im sure we are going to be entertained by our readers instead of the other way around ;)

  4. I ruined my kitchen knives and dulled 2 pairs of scissors last year opening my 2 year olds toy packaging. I would be so happy this year to have a knife left to carve the christmas ham…

  5. the worst thing about the openit was that i had to borrow my friends openit just to get it out of the packaging… i mean seriously, that looks like sealed clamshell packaging. this product is marketed to people who get frustrated trying to open packaging, why piss them off before they even get to use it?

  6. This device looks just durable enough for me to cut my lcd monitor into pieces the next time I am subjected to reading one of Doug Simmons’ oft-irrational and intentionally inflammatory anti-MSFT / anti-WP7 rants. Too bad they aren’t voodoo shears so that Doug could feel every bit of torment I unleash on my monitor as I vent my frustration.

  7. Oh, and Senor Simmons, if you’re reading this, please don’t unleash your verbal wrath on me if I have just spoiled your day before Thanksgiving breakfast with the lady… ;-)

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