Here at Mobility Digest, we strive to be innovative, original, and thought provoking. I absolutely guarantee that after you watch the following Mobility Digest Review: AT&T Samsung Captivate Insane Unboxing, you will have to innovate a new thought provoking comment to Doug Simmons Original unboxing video. Beyond Doug’s research and development of the Nexus One as a head cam in a hostile 5th floor New York Fire Escape, the what appears to be the underlying reason for shooting this video in the first place was to do a Video unboxing of the AT&T Samsung Captivate which is a variant of the Galaxy S device we have heard so much about. Not to be out done, the same Galaxy S can be found underneath the hood of the T-Mobile Vibrant. Let me throw you a little specification goodness to prime you up for the video!:

  • Large 4″ Super AMOLED Touch Display With Amazing Clarity
  • Lightning-fast 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Processor Provides For Impressive Web-surfing
  • Text With Swype – Simply Slide Your Finger Over The Letters To Draft A Text Message
  • Google Maps Preloaded For Voice-guided, Turn-by-turn Directions With Incredible Accuracy
  • All Of Your Social Networking Updates and Contacts In One Place With Social Hub
  • Choose From Thousands Of Apps From Google’s Android Market
  • 5MP Camera/ Video Recorder Is Capable Records HD Videos
  • Wi-fi Capable To Access AT&T Hotspots
  • Audience Voice Processor Enhances Voice and Suppresses Noise For Clear Conversations

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I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did and I dare to say stay tuned for more on the AT&T Samsung Captivate as Doug promised a review and more videos. Be sure to drop a comment to help motivate Doug to continue his Nexus One Head Cam Series (of course all in 720HD!)


  1. What dedication your staff is willing to go, to achieve the ultimate pictures!!!!! Not only is Doug willing to brave the jungle of New York, but while hanging from a thread, 60′ in the air, ascend into the outer canopy of the cities massive structures. All this in the pursuit of that perfect shot, while carrying his personal bathmat no less.
    Will we be seeing Doug published in The National Geographic next???

  2. It better have been the best, left me with some battle wounds when disassembling my helmet cam rig.

    Say what you will about the Germans but they sure know how to make a knife.

  3. This is probably one of the best unboxings I have ever seen! I am posting one on the Droid X and I stand humbled. LOL

  4. hehe great video – and Idon’t even care about the phone but I kept watching.
    You look a lot different in the video than in your mug shots ;)

  5. Yeah, just too many frames to photoshop with this clip. Anyway, phone rooted, crapware cleaned. Debuted it to Mom last night, though I’ll save that for another post.

  6. was the newport pack actually used in the headcam assembly or was that just to help calm down after that near death experience :)

    can someone at mobility digest please order doug some safety scissors (you know the fruity collored plastic ones for kids) this kind of bloodshed may make some readers squeamish… :P

  7. […] pleasure. Kristofer’s video hits all the highlights and is not as….um……”unique” as our AT&T Captivate Unboxing, but you definitely get the flavor in this […]

  8. great review. love my captivate. processor is faster, easier to use, great for my business! so practical and i love the feel! great for my business the screen is easy to use and my email gps and wifi help keep me in touch with my clients. love my unlocked cell phones. the games are fun and apps are great for my daughter and wife,they keep them busy. much more fun than our old unlocked samsung phones. also got our blackberry unlock codes and samsung unlocking for free! the web browser helps me keep dibs on my fantasy football team and the speaker phone is really loud! got my last couple unlocked touch screen phones at 2thumbs way up

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