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Microsoft releasing Android app to help Android users find Windows Phone replacements apps

imageThe war is on snitches. Microsoft is releasing a new Android app that helps Android users make the switch to Windows phones by showing them that they can move to Windows phones without losing their favorite apps. It’s called “Switch to Windows Phone” and  is an Android exclusive at this point:

Switch to Windows Phone inventories all the applications on the Android phone and sends that inventory to the Microsoft SkyDrive cloud. When customers log in to the same SkyDrive account from the Switch to Windows Phone app loaded on their Windows Phone 8, the app finds the same set of applications. If there are no exact replacements, the app recommends similar ones, according to Guru Gowrappan, executive vice president for products at application search firm Quixey.

The app is also an app discovery app that helps you to find apps based on keywords. Seems like a start but I don’t get why you would need an Android and WP to use it. I mean, the goal ought to be to prove to Android users that they can buy a new WP (you know, before they buy it). Let’s see how it actually works when it drops.

via cITeWorld