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Mobility Digest Review: MFX Screen Protector for HTC TITAN

A little while ago I reviewed a cheap screen protector I got form Amazon for my HTC Titan and I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. Mobile Fun was kind enough to send my a much better one to review and use. I can tell you that price does matter when it comes to these things, it’s like night and day the quality of this one compared to the less expensive one.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Mobile Fun

Price:  £7.95 / $12.59

Overall Rating: 5/5



MFX Screen Protector – HTC TITAN

Keep your HTC TITAN’s screen in pristine condition with this MFX scratch resistant screen protector.

Prevents screen scratching and other damage
The MFX range of screen protectors are designed to keep your phone’s screen clear from scratches and scrapes that could hamper your visibility. By creating a tough barrier between your screen and the world, any damage will be done to the screen protector and not the phone, keeping your device looking good as new.

Easy to apply
MFX screen protectors are easy to apply, as they are custom cut for each device. Simply clean the screen with the included microfiber cloth, line up the screen protector with your phone and use the application card to smooth out any bubbles. Once on, the screen protector is practically invisible.

Crystal clarity provides invisible protection
While it’s important to protect your screen, it’s also vital that the screen protector does not hinder your smartphone use by clouding the screen or decreasing the sensitivity of the touchscreen. MFX screen protectors are specially made to provide optimal clarity, while also being thin enough to keep your touchscreen in perfect working order. Once on, you wont even notice the MFX screen protector is there.

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What’s in the Box?

No box of course just a plastic bag.


Inside the pack you’ll find the screen protector, squeegee and cleaning cloth.


Impressions / Review:

The first thing I did was take that cheap protector off and toss it right in the garbage. Won’t be buying those cheap things again that’s for sure.

Then I had to clean my Titan, and get all of the dust off of it.

Application was fairly easy, of course a couple pieces of stray dust/lint had to hop along for the ride. That’s annoying, but I got them out.

When I was applying it I found that it’s the exact size of the screen, and I mean exact, you can’t be off at all in the application. This is a good thing since it really fully protects the screen.

The protector went on fine, the bubbles came right of easily for me.

The package says Anti-glare on it but it really isn’t. To be fair though, the Mobile Fun website doesn’t mention at all that it’s anti-glare.

The protector is clear and it doesn’t interfere with the touchscreen at all.

I’m very happy with this one.

Sure it costs about $13, but I think it’s well worth it.



So it’s a screen protector for your HTC Titan and it’s worth the extra cost. Some things you can get at discount and some things you just can’t. When it comes to screen protectors you’ll really do get what you pay for and this one is well worth the cost.


+Doesn’t interfere with screen use
+Fairly easy to apply


-None really