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Free Game: Pocket Potions for iOS

I’ve got another free game for you iOS users out there. This one is called Pocket Potions and in it you’ve inherited a potion shop from your Fairy Godmother and you’ve got to take over the day to day business. Yes it’s a cute game, one for the kids I guess. Still though, it’s free so why not?!


Pocket Potions is your portable portal into a magical world.

You’ve inherited a potion shop from your Fairy Godmother. It may be small, but it is famous throughout the kingdom as the best place to find powerful potables, clever charms and evil elixirs. Grow magical plants, care for mythical creatures, brew potions and decorate your shop to attract visitors. Famous and frightening visitors from all over the wizarding world come for help with their mundane and mysterious problems.

Build your business from a humble corner shop into a grand emporium. Play with friends and strive to make your shops the biggest and most magical in the realm. Receive gifts from other Potion Masters and unlock dozens of achievements through Game Center.

Features include:

-Levitate, charm and transform your customers with dozens of amazing potions effects.

-Farm magical plants and harvest their ingredients to brew your potions.

-Raise adorable dragons, unicorns and other mythical animals.

-Customize your shop to improve your reputation and attract more customers.

-Meet wizards, adventurers and fairy tale tourists and help them with their problems.

-Beautiful, colorful visuals and amazing animations.

-Friend support using Game Center to visit other shops and trade gifts.

-Works on the iPod Touch, iPad, and all iPhones.

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