Oohhh pretty:) If you’re looking for the latest version of Bing for your phone just direct your phone’s web browser to m.bing.com/download. First thing you’ll notice is that it tries to figure out your current location. Then finally you’ll get to see the improved (prettier) interface that looks less like Windows Mobile 5:) They’ve improved the interface throughout as well as updating the client to include more relevant searches. I had a problem with it locating me (I think it’s trying to use GPS instead of cell tower information) but otherwise you can feel the improvements to the UI immediately. It’s actually finger friendly and attractive. Oh and I’m always reminded of the speech recognition which isn’t just a neat trick – it’s really useful for hands free use of the device and is really accurate. The turn by turn directions are greatly improved. You can see the map with a transparent overlay on top with the written instructions so you get both the instructions and the map simultaneously. It also looks like news was added and weather is now accessed through a ‘search’ for “weather” and gas prices were lost. Everything feels modern and easier on the eye.


  1. This is easily the worst makeover I have ever seen!

    1. It is many times slower than the previous version
    2. GPS interface doesn’t work consistently and is VERY slow
    3. Did away with gas prices!!!
    4. Touch unfriendly
    5. Hard to read main page
    6. Did away with collections
    7. Can’t look up individuals any more

    All in all, it’s worthless. Went back to the previous version.

  2. 1. Navigation to contacts removed, bad idea! No GPS software ever removes the navigation to contacts feature, ever.

    2. When using GPS, the current location does not stay at the center. After long enough, you are off the map!.

    3. When using GPS, the screen eventually dims and turns off, seem the software does not keep the device awake.

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