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Mobility Digest Review: Wicked Audio Deuce Earbuds

I don’t know about you but my phone sometimes doubles as my MP3 player and you can’t exactly use a Bluetooth headset for listening to music.  BT headsets are nice for taking calls, but it’s only one ear, so you really need a stereo headset but then you also need a microphone so you can take calls. Up for review today I have the Wicked Audio Deuce earbuds which is a stereo headset but it has an in-line microphone. The price of these is actually under $10 so you can’t really expect much can you? Read on…

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Wicked Audio

Price: $9.39 (at Amazon at time of review)

Overall Rating: 3.5/5



Wicked Audio Deuce Earbuds

Dear Sir or Madam
Authorities prevented timely arrival of the enclosed material, but the almost illegal sound you requested is here. These headphones aren’t just the cat’s pajamas, they’re the honey badger’s pajamas.

DRIVER: 10mm
FREQUENCY: 20Hz-20,000Hz
CORD LENGTH: 4ft/1.2m


What’s in the Box?


The box has a nice little window in it so you can see the earbuds, and there’s some specs and features listed on it.

Inside of the box you’ll find a plastic tray holding the earbuds and the extra bud covers along with a brief user manual.

They come in many colors, but I got what looks to be turquoise and black with silver accents.

Included in the box are two extra sizes of earbud covers, there’s three in total, one already on the earbuds.

The earbuds are made of plastic and they’re lightweight.

To cord is about four feet long and it ends in a gold plated audio connector for the best connection.

There is a microphone in-line and the whole piece is actually a button so you can answer and end calls.



Impressions / Review:


So for testing I used the Wicked Audio Deuce with my HTC One and I’m happy to report the phone recognized it as a headset with microphone and it was ready to go as soon as I plugged it in.

So I was very disappointed after that, the sound is very tinny and just hollow really. These aren’t exactly what I would want to listen to my music with, but for the price I guess they aren’t that bad.

The headphones don’t do much to keep external noises out either, unless of course you turn up the volume.

The microphone works great though, it seems to pick up everything even from a distance.  I moved it around, closer and farther from my face and the level really didn’t change.





Well for less than $10 you get a rather mediocre set of earbuds. The good thing here is the price of course as the sound just isn’t that good really.

The sound from the Wicked Audio Deuce earbuds isn’t great, it’s very tinny and hollow and they don’t do much to keep external sounds out.

The microphone works great, it’s very sensitive and you can place it fairly far away and it will still pick up sound just fine.

The headphones themselves seem well made and the cord is nice and long.



+Very inexpensive
+Microphone works well
+Long cable


-Sound not that great honestly
-Sound is rather tinny and hollow