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Monster Launches Limited-Edition “iSport USA” In-Ear Headphones

I don’t know about you people out there but I’m tired of everything being called iSomething, it’s this trend that all of these products need to start with an ‘i’ for whatever reason. Well I guess I know what the reason is, it’s to capitalize on the iPhone/iPod success and to sell more stuff obviously. The thing I wonder about though is how come Apple didn’t patent or trademark (or whatever..) the little i in front of their products?! They’re obviously a very litigious company as we know but yet I never see them going after all these products that start with the ‘i’ in their name… Anyway a new ‘i’ product is out or should I say updated and its’ from everyone’s favorite company, Monster. Their iSport headphones have been updated in red, white and blue colors.

iSport USA


-Monster, a leader in manufacturing and design of high-performance headphones, is showing its patriotic colors with the debut of a limited-edition red, white & blue iSport™ USA in-ear headphone. Key athlete-friendly innovations, including an improved version of Monster’s specially designed “OMNITIP” ensures that the sweatproof and washable model delivers superior audio performance while not falling out of the ear during strenuous workouts, giving athletes the drive to achieve more and win. The new iSport USA headphones will be produced in an extremely short production run and will only be available at a few select iSport retailers. Each product will be individually serialized and will come with a letter of authenticity.

Monster’s iSport USA joins the blue iSport model (SRP: $149.95), in the company’s line and will carry an SRP of $179.95 during its limited one-month run. Featuring Monster’s next-generation advanced audio technology, iSport USA represents the next step up in “audio adrenaline” for athletes and discerning fitness enthusiasts.

Next-Generation Super-Secure In-Ear Clip Technology and Design

All Monster iSport In-Ear Headphones feature a variety of innovative advancements that set them apart from the rest. For instance, they address one of the most common issues faced by active headphone wearers – the nagging problem of having their in-ear headphones slip out during strenuous use. Monster’s iSport headphones solve this problem with a unique patented proprietary in-ear clip anchor system, which fits the curve of the inner ear securely. This key innovation provides maximized comfort and an unprecedented “no-slip fit” that ensures that the headphones will not fall out and stay in the ear no matter the conditions. The new iSport USA headphone features next generation advanced earhooks for even better fit and security. The softer, pliable and more durable earhook ensures hours of comfort and fatigue-free listening.

Next-Generation OMNITIP Rotating Earpipe for Perfect Seal and Fit

Notably, iSport USA builds on the original iSPORT Immersion’s “OMNITIP” special rotating earpipe, allowing users to quickly find the ideal fit so that they can jump into their physical fitness routine without the need to constantly adjust for fit and seal. Because the angle of the OMNITIP earpipe is fully adjustable it contours to the unique angles of each ear, helping create a perfect seal when combined with the variety of included ear tips. Further enhancing their appeal for active listeners, iSport headphones feature advanced noise isolation technology that allows listeners to block out distractions, focus on their sport and get into “the zone.”

Striking Design; Super Tough Build Materials

Monster’s tough construction of iSport headphones and their super durable build materials allow users to enjoy an uninterrupted, world-class music experience while they run, jump, cycle or even hit the ski slopes. Most importantly, they are fully washable, allowing sports enthusiasts to easily clean them so they are ready to go for the next work out.

Sophisticated Audio Technologies: Because the Music Matters™

To create the ultimate sports headphone with the distinctively superior Monster sound, engineers utilized a variety of sophisticated audio-enhancing headphone technologies. To ensure optimum sound quality at all times, iSport In-Ear Headphones feature a tight, custom fit audio seal thanks to the patented in-ear clip system and feature a variety of ear tips and the rotating ear pipe– these technologies ensure acoustic isolation that allows you to stay focused on your workouts and achieve your fitness goals. Like all Monster headphones, the super tough iSports are designed to deliver unprecedented levels of headphone audio performance with extreme clarity, articulation, and tight deep pounding bass that motivates you to achieve at your highest level of performance.

With such a limited quantity iSport USA in-ear headphones reaching the market, only a very select group of elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts will be able to experience this unique collector’s item.