So how about another review today? World’s smallest this and world’s smallest that, we hear it all the time it seems doesn’t it? No matter the claim, I’ve got a very small Micro SDHC card review from our friends at USBFever. At this point in time all of our mobile devices use microSD cards, so something like this little gadget could very much come in handy I think.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: USBFever

Price: $9.99

Overall Rating: 5/5


World’s smallest Micro SDHC USB Card Reader

Will you bet with us how small a Micro SDHC card reader could be?
Probably this card reader is the answer. It is like a Micro SDHC card with a skin!

– USB 2.0 compliant
– Full USB transfer rate up to 480 Mbps
– Compatible with Micro SD / T-Flash / Micro SDHC
– LED Light when power is on
– Slim, Super Tiny (World’s smallest Micro HCSD USB Card Reader)
– Compact: JUST 3g, you will never feel any weight from it!
– Holes for strap to attach to keychain
– With Cap for better protection
– Plug-N-Play
– Convenient
– As a flash drive on the go

What’s in the Box?

This microSD card reader comes in a plastic package. You can see the reader and cap through the front and there’s details on the back.


Here’s the reader and the cap. I used with flash and without, couldn’t make up my mind..


On the end of the reader is a small yellow tab, this is actually used to eject the microSD card, there’s also a hole for a lanyard.


The microSD card gets inserted into the USB end actually.


The cap used slips over the USB end for protection of the connector and any card that might be in it.


Impressions / Review:

Here’s the cap, reader and a microSD card for comparison:


When you insert the microSD card in the reader it sets flush, then when you push the yellow tab it pops out enough to grab it.


When in use the reader does small blue LED in the end of it so you can be sure it’s working just fine.


It works fine. Speeds are limited to USB and the card you have inside of the reader, so it performance will vary.



The World’s smallest Micro SDHC USB Card Reader is certainly a convenient little solution to get your data to and from your devices if you need to. We all don’t carry cables for our devices with us, so something like this could very much come in handy.

I like it, and I think you will as well.


+Simple and easy to use
+Very handy
+Small and portable


-None really


  1. The micro card reader I have, came with the card I bought. San Disk, it fits micro SDHC and Sony micro memory cards. Which is great cause I have several available, SE phones died, now I use the cards and a reader as a flash drive at work. The flash drive sized card reader I bought separately, only takes micro SD, and does not have a key ring hole. This little one looks like fun, just need to bundle it with a card. Peace

  2. I remember trying one of these about a year or so ago to play MP3s on my car’s USB port. IIRC, it worked for a week or two, then crapped out. The micro SDHC card I stuck into it was OK — the chip in the adapter somehow got fried such that whatever USB host you plugged into didn’t recognize the device as a drive.

    Since then, I’ve used the less expensive Inland reader — only $2.99 at Fry’s. I’ve been using it for close to a year now, and haven’t had any problems at all. Just in case, though, I keep a small stash of them at home — at $3 per, it’s easy to pick up one or two every time I go into Fry’s so I’ll have one handy whenever I need it.

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