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Dear Google (Wish List)

deargoogle-colored-cropped-final2 One thing Google delivers more of they do than privacy snafu scandals is badass feature after kickass feature after whup-ass feature which may be way the shelf life of public concern over the likes of wifi-gate, Buzz and Times Square Billboards is so short. You might think they time these unveilings to wag the dog a bit of negative press but when you’ve got such a steady flow of sweetness from so many of your departments no timing is necessary.

So the latest big thing is Google Instant which you’ve probably already read about and maybe tried yourself. Not too far back a big one was the Gmail calling and Priority Inbox, plus countless things you don’t really hear about unless you’re tuned into all their blogs.

Me, I’m low on things I wish Google would give us that they haven’t already but in the interests of helping Google wag these dogs harder (and of course to give us more fantastic services), how about a Dear Santa kind of wish list thread right here where you list some things you wish Google would deliver? Now and then Google tunes into our site so perhaps if one of you offers a gem they’ll turn it into a big unveiling down the line.

Be warned though, people from the Microsoft camp, the campus to be specific, drop by more frequently so anything you lay down here may get hijacked by those guys, but were that to happen we at least could try to stick it to them that the idea was born here and intended for Google, not innovation parasites.

I have a suspicion that this thread won’t pull in much comments because Google has already delivered to us across the board just about everything conceivable but let’s put our heads together and try anyway and try to come up with things we wish we had from them, things maybe, who knows, they might not have thought of. I’ll start:

Dear Google, big fan. I’ve been a good boy, so please give me this:

  • Official full-fledged VoIP calling, wifi and cellular, embedded with Google Voice on Android – and while you’re at it, other platforms too, might as well share the love.
  • Eventually hook me up with a carrier-independent successor to the Nexus One, but not for a while because the thing is so sweet as it is.
  • Hook my non-Nexus One-packing brethren up with new Android releases a little faster than you just hook me and my Nexus One up with so that I can write about the awesome new features of your new developments and not leave our Android audience frustrated that they’ll have to wait with their carrier phone for who knows how long to get a taste.
  • Google Instant on mobile devices, though I know you’re already cooking that up. But just a reminder.
  • Make damn sure that Google TV puts a hurtin’ on Apple TV.
  • Don’t cave to India.
  • Get dividend payout dates in Google Finance portfolios; my Mom keeps wining about that and I hate leaving her on Yahoo Finance just because of the stupid dividend dates.
  • Hmm… I can’t come up with anything else, honestly. I guess just keep on doing what you’re doing and accept my gratitude for all you’ve given me.

Okay folks, your turn. Anything you want from Google?

Doug Simmons