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Recover Lost RAM with CleanRAM (freeware)

I’m sure you know that the longer you use your phone the more it starts to slow down and even if the phone doesn’t lock up it will eventually need a soft-reset to recover some lost speed. The reason is because your RAM gets filled with non-essential applications that hang in the memory over time. Ronenpg of XDA wrote a nice little program that will search for running non-essential applications and terminate them thus freeing up RAM and saving you from a soft reset.

Once loaded you will have two files added to your programs directory – one is CleanRAM Config and one is CleanRAM itself (so once you set the config you just hit the app itself to run it in the future). The software has several options of cleaning:

Level 1 – Basic purge only (quick) – Close non-responding tasks without TouchFLO 3D interface (approx 5 seconds)
Level 2 – Quality purge – Recommended for best performance (approx 10-15 seconds)
Level 3 – Fundamental purge (time-consuming) – Reset non-responding tasks and services (approx 30-45 seconds)
Personally customized processes list – Select the processes you wish to close

.Net 3.5 is required to run this application and was written for the Diamond/Touch Pro line but it should work on most devices (except the Touch HD’s resolution is still be corrected). This application is similar to MemMaid except it is free and a little more streamlined (at the expense of some high end options). Ronenpg’s website and the download link can be found here.