Google killing Google Reader and screws me AGAIN

Google is killing the beloved Google Reader and the internet is upset! Ramon and Marti discuss on Mobility Digest TV. Check out the video below!


  1. Google is on Killing Spree:
    1. iGoogle
    2. Google Sync
    3. Google Reader
    4. CalDav (deprecating and only few whitelisted)
    5. Whatelse, we don’t know yet.
    I have a question here, can I add Andy Rubin into the above list?

      • I’ll give you number 7, it looks like they managed to disable the anti-safesearch trick for super streamlined porn hunting. Think I’ll do a 140 about that actually.

  2. Awesome, but I demand that Simmons and DavidK be on the next episode. We need some video drama. This was way to tame for this sites standards.

  3. Also looked for a YouTube channel and found one for mobility digest but did not see this video on it? Is there a channel I can subscribe to?

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