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8 Year Old Sells Windows 8 to Consumers? Brilliant!

8 Year Old Sells Windows 8 to Consumers

Windows 8 is in full effect, but still many refuse to free themselves of the fear of a new operating system. Rightfully so, but Windows 8 brings with it a good deal of unfamiliar to most, the problem isn’t the unfamiliar, its people’s willingness to become familiar.

Microsoft sure is fighting an up hill battle with the new Touch UI in Windows 8, but ads like these will make all the difference. I’ve been using Windows 8 for all most a year already, as I had access to it in its very early stage, so I’d be the wrong person to make the statement “it really is simple.” I’ve even made youtube videos in attempt to show people just how simple it can be!

But still, people are resilient not change, and seemingly anything Microsoft does. But here comes Microsoft with a small slice of brilliance. The ad below centers around an 8 year old walking consumers through the Windows 8 touch experience. The entire ad is well done and has an “Apple Magic” feel to it! BRILLAINT! Check it out!

So, ask yourself, an 8 year old? What is your excuse?

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