I have been getting hammered by the team to do a better job with our Twitter Followers and it was brought to my attention that we do not have as many Twitter followers as we would like. Proportionally, XBOX360Digest.com, our other website is pretty much kicking our ass. So we need you to follow us on Twitter and we are going to throw some stuff your way to make it worth it.

Since this is my first Twitter giveaway, go easy on me. Comments are welcome. Basically, for our first Twitter giveaway, all you have to do is subscribe to our Twitter Feed, and retweet this. Can’t get much easier than that.

The winner will get a iFrogz EARPOLLUTION Ronin Professional DJ Style Headphones that was reviewed here:


Subscribe and retweet for your chance to win. Winner will be picked on Monday randomly.

NOTE: Anyone can win, International readers outside the US must arrange their own shipping.



  1. What’s Twitter????? Is that like giving someone the bird!!!!!!!
    Should we all give you the bird Doug?

  2. Nice try getting a bird to hold our site’s name to endorse us for the twitter campaign but if you look closely at the waving ruffling banner you can see that the text/logo is totally flat and level, totally obvious this is fake.

  3. Good eye Simmons, I noticed that too but thought like all my Twitter pleas, it would go unnoticed.

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