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Gridrunner Girl 3D Arcade Game Available For WP7

One of my favorite developers for Windows Phones, GlowPuff (who also released Zombie Circus which is top notch and would be selling like hotcakes if it had an Xbox Live label) just released Gridrunner Girl. It’s a fast paced arcade space shooter that’s a hell of a lot of fun to play. Easy to pick up and you’re immediately into it and you can play using an onscreen virtual joystick or by moving the phone and you can even set the gun to auto fire to make it easier. Here’s the official description:

Classic arcade space shooter action meets modern 3D cel-shaded graphics! You are a Gridrunner, and it is your job to patrol the hostile borderlands, clearing the region of enemy combat units.
-30 levels of classic, pulse pounding arcade space shooter action
-Modern cel-shaded 3D graphics done in an anime art style
-Driving, edgy soundtrack that keeps pace with the action
-Massive big boss battles and mini boss battles
-Almost 2 dozen enemy types and obstacles, each with several different attack patterns
-Increasingly difficult stages with bonus rounds
-Online leaderboards (can be filtered by daily, weekly, overall)
-2 game modes: Arcade and Survival – each with independent leaderboard
-Save your progress at any time
-Virtual joystick and accelerometer support

And let’s get to some actual gameplay footage

It’s available now for $.99 with a trial BUT there’s also a free/ad supported version that’s going to be available in a few days. In either event, you should check out the trial for yourself but it’s a fast and fun arcade game worth giving a go.