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I’m Retraining Myself to Stop Calling It WP7–How Long Until WP8?

Few people love the name Windows Phone (I’ve heard a lot of possibilities and still like Xphone to go with the Xbox nomenclature but that’s irrelevant since it’s not happening). The problem with Windows Phone 7 is that it’s actually the operating system and not the phone. It’s a Windows Phone and it’s running Windows Phone 7.5 currently but we all call it a Windows Phone 7. iPhone has iOS and Android is a distinct enough name that it doesn’t have this problem.

Anyway, since we’re getting closer to Windows Phone 8 (the operating system) it’s time to start referring to them as Windows Phones and WP and I’m breaking the WP7 habit (even though WordPress is also WP). If we look at this past year’s timing we’re about 9 months away from WP8. And while we’re on it, the original WP7 was named to match the PC OS version and it will line up for 8 as well but since mobile OSes have shorter lifespans than PC operating systems, I’d expect a Windows Phone 9 to come before Windows 9…what a web they’ve built for themselves, huh?