Welcome to the MobilityDigest giveaway. On the menu today is a copy of Microsoft Windows 7. This is no ordinary copy of Windows 7, this is Windows 7 ULTIMATE!!! But wait, there is more. We’re not giving away your grandfathers Windows 7 Ultimate, this version is autographed by the big man Ballmer himself. That’s right folks, this is the Windows 7 Ultimate Signature edition. :: Applause ::

Unfortunately, we only have one copy to give away, so conditions will be fierce. You will have to tooth and claw your way to the top! Well, not really… The rules are simple. Follow us on Twitter and tweet something to #Mobilitydigestwin7, become our friend on Facebook or leave a comment to this thread. Each of those will give you one entry (so you can have up to three entries in this contest). Make sure to use your real email address in the comments or else we won’t be able to get a hold of you. The winner will be drawn at random. The contest starts now and ends on Wednesday, December 22 at 5pm EST.

Good luck everyone!


  1. @Abe: i dont know abe…someone told me they saw you at the apple store 2 days ago…i dont know how i feel about that ;)

  2. @ramon: Cut me some slack Ramon. I was there showing off how I could take a picture faster than any of those iLame apple drones using my Samsung Focus with pocket to picture feature. YEAH, say it!

  3. So are you thinking that because Ballmer signed it, the only way to get rid of it, is to give it away????????

  4. I could really use this. My abacus is still running medieval stained glass Windows 0.064 alpha.

    *click* *click* *tak* *click* *tak* *tak* *click* *click* *tak* *click*

    I’d cross my fingers but they’ve been deformed into gnarled stubs from the daily calculations I make to check my email. Here’s to hoping!

  5. Cool stuff guys as always, please count me in on this and ahem I don’t facebook so my chances are slimmer than others. It’s still worth a try.

  6. hey what if we are already mobility digests facebook friend? do we not get an entry method for facebook?

  7. Hello, I want it, I think the best windows, I hope that no amount of another country, sights which are famous, I so I from a country South, I hope win

  8. I’m grateful that the winner is being selected randomly instead of on the quality of the comment. Otherwise, I’d have no hope of winning.

  9. So to get the FB entry, are we supposed to “Like” the Mobility Digest page, or stalk Ramon and send a friend request? (I see no way to “friend” Mobility Digest.)

  10. blah, be, blah, blah, blah! Send me some love! I’ve made the jump to Windows Phone 7. Now I need the signature edition of Windows 7 Ultimate!

  11. Now wouldn’t it be funny if Ramon just sent the box and DVD’s without the keys? :)

    I have one of these sitting at my house as well but I stuck it on my kids 8 year old laptop and now it works great! Take that iCabal fans..

  12. Free is always good… :) you can never have too many “official” keys to counteract the “unofficial” keys you’re running… :)

  13. wow i would love this……it would be a nice replacement for xp. i love mobility digest!!!!!!

  14. Well Because I live on the opposite end of Mr. Ramon’s Block, and have been a true friend to this man for some years now, I think that I should have the upper hand in this contest of the first looser! Thus, sir if you value those Door to door pick ups from work to home with the occassional MACdonalds pit stops, you will assure my victory and hand over my spoils fourth with! LMAO BTW Dominos Pizza will be at hand on the day of the drawing at my home…free Dominos Pizza, with the new tasty crust!

  15. I will install on my iMac as part of my “switch back” effort. Windows 7 and WP7 are just too good.

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