Doug Simmons: Boston goes Google as it drops Microsoft email-Services. Too bad, guess that’s one less city Jim’s willing to visit. Hey Jim, I heard they have Vimeo in Boca Raton (as well as Bingo night)!

Jimski: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some Googlite with a Microsoft chip on his shoulder giving Mr. Mayor some poor advice. Google probably promised His Excellency that everyone could get free email, maps and have free access to YouTube (except for the subscription channels of course). Lets check back in a couple years to see how this worked out. At least YouTube has not forced me to get a Gmail account yet, but they did create a Google+ account (using my AOL address) without me giving them permission. Or maybe I did and didn’t know it. Explains where a lot of the G+ subscribers came from. NL900

Ram: Jim, +1. Boston is sold to thieves. Sent from Windows Mail

Doug Simmons: I don’t know, seems we’re seeing a trend here. One day the prevailing complaint among consumers may be that Microsoft Office can’t read Google’s formats perfectly.


  1. Trend? LOL. When they do go back to Exchange, it won’t make headlines but it is very likely to occur. Businesses are terrified of upgrading to a new version of Microsoft Office much less put the fate of their company in the hands of Google. Executive Admins are likely to break out into tears without Microsoft Outlook. If you don’t work in the industry, you couldn’t POSSIBLY know how dependent companies are on Microsoft Office. Its become fused into the very backbone of the Enterprise. Those who move over to Google Apps grossly underestimate this. They usually end up paying for a second rate messaging service while they run Microsoft Office in parallel. Naturally, this just means that the Google Apps ROI for license cost savings goes out the window. I can only assume that their ROI calculations are devoid of anything related to productivity, integration, security and scale because every one of those areas would suffer through Google Apps. That or they simply lie about it. They will switch when the mayor’s calendar stops syncing with his executive assistants or when he gets sick of hearing them whine about it. If stupidity were the trend, I couldn’t argue the point because that much is obvious. A market trend? If it is, god help us all because you do not want to incur the wrath of an admin assistant. The number 1 rule of IT – NEVER mess with Microsoft Exchange. When most systems go down, you might hear from middle management but when Exchange goes down, the CIO is at the Exchange Admins desk waiting for updates.

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