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Ballmer: Microsoft Is In The Zone

Say what you want about Microsoft’s largely stagnant stock price but the company has continued each quarter to deliver profits and results.  Ballmer, not one to take attacks and insinuations lying down, was asked recently about chatter of his dismissal fro Microsoft.  Needless to say Ballmer responded in every way a CEO who is total control should and would.  Ballmer spoke with authority and even gave hints to strong performance and profit announcements when Microsoft delivers their end of Fiscal year (Q4) earnings in late July.

A few highlights:

  • Neighborhood of $20 Billion in profit
  • Microsoft has made the right bets and its paying off.
  • Microsoft is focusing more of their energy and resources to products that matter.  The time for any small idea getting pursued is in the past.
  • Windows 8 is VERY important to the company.

I can’t help but smile at this.  I’ve been predicting some significant movement in the stock of Microsoft every since I saw signs of Windows 8 being a major release that would tie-in other important parts of the Microsoft ecosystem.  Now I see that the company has now actually started to focus on fewer products explains the recent uptick in products being delivered.  SkyDrive, Hotmail, Xbox Kinect, Bing, Windows 8, Windows Phone Mango, Skype, and Office365 are all examples of a decidedly swifter and bold moving Microsoft.


So much for the software behemoth being distracted as they are now laser focused on the products that matter.  Competitors should fear this Microsoft, partners and consumers should rejoice because a focused Microsoft is simply the best tech company around. Windows 8 on everything both desktop and mobile sans Windows Phone is a huge bet that looks like will pay off immensely.

Source: Paul Thurrot