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Office 365 1 Year Subscription Key Card for $67

Well you have an iPad and you went to Microsoft Store just to find out that they have already finished their first 50 free Office 365 (O365) Subscriptions for the first year to iPad owners. Or you missed to go to Microsoft Store due to lack of time or there is no Microsoft store near you and wondering how to get a fully functional Office apps that Microsoft launched yesterday instead of just viewers. There is Office Online at, which lets you do all the editing of your Word documents, Excel Sheets or PowerPoint presentations. This may not that touch friendly. Don’t worry you could still get O365 subscription for lesser price (33% off of original price $99.99) from With that subscription, you could install Office on 5 different systems including iPad (of course on iPad, you have only Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). You also get additional 20GB of OneDrive storage and 60 Minutes of Skype calling to any number in 60 countries. If you have 5 persons at home all five can bag extra 20GB in their OneDrive. More details about extra OneDrive Space is here: “To which Microsoft account should I sign in to use OneDrive?” (Just search for this FAQ on that page). More details about Skype Calling here: “How do I activate my Skype world minutes?” (Just search for this on the same FAQ page).



  • OWA (Office Web App) is free and fully touch friendly and you don’t need separate O365 subscription for that though as long as your business has 0365 for email is signed up. And OWA is available through browser on other mobile systems.
  • Both OneNote and OneDrive Apps don’t need any sort of O365 subscription to operate.