I have got a few new MobilityLeaks articles to crank out for you today and tomorrow, but for now I wanted to start off with a little bit of humor! Check it out below and thanks to James for cracking me up!

David K: Anyone know enough to test it out and see what’s new? http://www.theverge.com/2012/7/26/3188449/windows-phone-8-sdk-leak?utm_source=somewhere&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+WinRumors+%28WinRumors%29

James Schneider: I wouldn’t touch that with a 10′ pole.

David K: See…if I understood what to do with it I’d rub my face in it…guess that says a lot about both of us ;)

James Schneider: Yea it means you get more computer viruses than I do! ;-)

Rama Uppugunduri: Lol. :D

Albert Bunn: Me too. Not because I’m not a developer (which I’m not), but because there’s no point in developing for a failure ;-).

James Schneider: <action type=’throws’ item=’tomato’> Boooo! :-) </action>


  1. >>Albert Bunn: Me too. Not because I’m not a developer (which I’m not), but because there’s no point in developing for a failure ;-) .

    Well that tells a lot about clueless people who talk a lot about unreleased products. Typical ABMer nonsense ;)

    • Well the big take away for me is that there is plenty of reasons to look forward to and develop for WP8. The most crafty devs on this platform will be able to make apps that will blow you away. Native code, communicating with other apps, voice control for individual apps, more carrier support both in the U.S. and internationally just to name a few.

      If you never give the platform a legitimate chance then you lack a voice. Windows Phone sales are growing and growth can never be viewed as a negative thing.

      • I have no idea about the WP8 SDK, but if Microsoft is enabling the same Share Contract, Search Contract and Settings Contract like Windows 8, just even if they allow Share Contract in WP8 SDK, that would bring the total integration to App’s another layer. This I am talking as an architect with lots of experience in Integration. The Share Contract makes you share your apps content with other apps running on the same device and also allows your app to consume the content from other apps where it has been enabled. For example I could consume a media that has been shared by a media generation app easily if that apps shares. Also I could share my app generated content like reviews, interesting stuff I find on internet or my notes with anyone using email, FB, Twitter and other apps which would be Share Targets, or other apps on the same device who has Share Target capability. These things would happen provided Microsoft enables These contracts in WP8 and I don’t see any reason not to. But thats a just wild guess.

      • Also, if this picture is true, Share Contract is there but no sharing between 3rd party apps. http://liveside.net/wp-content/images/2012/07/Windows-Phone-and-Windows-8-API-Comparison_thumb1.png. I hope Microsoft would revise that, if that is true. And that picture clearly talks about WP7.x SDK based apps (Mango and Tango) support. I reiterate that Microsoft don’t have to be honest about the cores, and kernel architecture because average j(ane)oe user really never cares whether that device has CE kernel or WinNT kernel. All (s)he cares about is what would happen to her/his investment in the apps and their contacts. Since SkyDrive and takes care of media backup and Hotmail/Live Account takes care of contacts backup, 50% of issue is fixed. The rest 50% is investment in the apps and if they work as they are now, no one really cares. Microsoft could have called WP7.8 actually as WP8.

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