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PSA: Windows Phone will NOT “fail”

It almost seems as if, every time I turn around there is another “10 reasons I can’t shut the hell up…eerrr…windows phone 7 will fail” article floating around.  Seeing as how I have yet to get my hands on a device, and November 8th acts as if it’s 3 years away; these articles were interesting at first.

Existing vicariously through the authors of these articles, I got to see what was wrong! I was made aware of caveats and some inconsistences I never thought would have existed. Things like the obvious copy and paste were a given, but the custom ringtone thing I ever saw coming. So be it! There are some “issues.”

Before I go any further lets lightly touch “issues.” Its amazing how (and understandably so) people approach things when it is not the way they would like, or is accustomed to. It is never different, it is always an issue. So something like not being able to download songs from the Zune Marketplace over 3G is an “issue.” Never mind the ability to stream them, its as if that never existed. Oddly enough, none of the competition even offers the ability to stream, but the step forward is negated to a step backwards as an “issue?” so much for different.

My approach is not to pick apart and defend everyone’s killer issue! David has done a fine job of that already. Instead, I would like to remind everyone that this is Microsoft we’re talking about here. Not the Microsoft of old, but the new and focused Microsoft. What does that mean?

It means Windows Phone is to windows 7 , what windows 7 was to the world. The pressure was on full court press for Windows 7 to deliver. After apple did a fine job at fooling the entire world into believing something was wrong with Vista, it was time for Microsoft to show why and how they are who they are. And boy oh boy did they deliver. By far the best part of Windows 7 was the effect it seemed to have had on the rest of the company. Almost every product to hit production after Windows 7 was done so with great precision and marvelous execution.

And such is Windows Phone. Pick it apart as you see fit, label your differences as issues with little remorse; but the one thing you cannot do, is deny Microsoft nailed it! Right from the get go they hit 80% of their mark. Well done! Not only have they delivered despite the doubtful forecasts, but they built something from the ground up with all the necessities to keep it a viable option for some time to come.

Some key things to understand here. Microsoft is standing behind this product and will continue to do so. Aside from tossing a boat load of money at it, they actually tossed a lot of brilliance to the cause as well. The strong tool set for developers would be one such example. Build it, and they will come!

Second, unlike the competition, Microsoft is already aware of your “issues.” And they’ve got you in mind! Steve Jobs never heard of copy and paste for a striking two years in a row. Took apple how many years to roll it out? nice, well it will take Microsoft months to do that very same task.

And last, windows phone will not “fail.” Success and your definition of it varies depending on which side of the fence you’re standing. Apple and their fruit toy sells some ridiculous amounts a month, so they’re clearly winning. No, not so fast. What about Google and their jack of all trades? Android has surpassed the iPhone in sales, so does that mean they’re winning. Not from where I stand. Each carrier has at least three supported android devices, so it only make sense it sells more. I’ll call it cheating, seeing as how there is only one iPhone and one carrier who carries it. So iPhone is indeed winning. Ummm, not so fast. Then there is good ol’ blackberry tea bagging everyone with $1.99 curves and 2 for 3 deals every other Sunday. My point? Neither one of these companies are failing. To each their own! They’re all still making money and they’re all holding a nice chunk of the pie. Given the diversity in the platforms and their business strategies, Microsoft will fit in nicely between them all. Will it outsell the iPhone? I doubt it. Will it outsell android? Who the hell knows. But it will be known, it will sell and it will be loved!

So what you’ll have when it is all said and done, is a very unique and competitive platform offering from Redmond. And as with many other Microsoft products, even if it does not (lets be real, it won’t…not any time soon at least) dominate the market, it will be alive and well as a strong option (I’m looking at you Bing.) It will NOT fail!