imageIgnition Studios seems to have nailed their debut Windows phone title. Just check this out – the 3D animations are slick:

The description/feature list is:

Put your ingenious mind to the test with mini golf madness! Putt the ball through tropical island mayhem, with a range of unique and interesting beach is land course designs. Use your cunning to figure out intricate routes and collect all the bananas scattered throughout the courses.

  • 9 challenging mini-golf holes!
  • Cute and vibrant levels with cheeky monkeys!
  • Easy pickup-and-play controls and gameplay!
  • Discover clever ways to collect bananas to boost your score!
  • Online high score leaderboards!
  • Day and night system based on real time!
  • Playful audio that captures your imagination!

We’ll keep you posted when this is available. I’m looking forward to this release.


  1. Any idea of the pricing on this? I’m going to go ahead and put aside a few bucks because its a new must have title for me. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. @Murani:
    Hey Murani,

    It’ll have a free trial for the first 3 holes, but can be unlocked for $2.49 Au to play all 9 holes.
    Hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

    Ignition Studios

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