Pocketnow has unearthed some more specs and device details about the long awaited Nokia Windows Phone.  The device will actually be the Lumia 900. the one we have come to know as the Ace.  Complete with a 4.3” screen and a very generous 1830mAh battery. Its also worth mentioning that although the Lumia 900 is to be 18 grams heavier than the Lumia 800 it will be roughly the same thickness.  Eight megapixel camera on board and the usual 512MB of RAM too.

The inclusion of a FFC and LTE support is big because these are features all carriers are looking to push in order to start upselling for their expanding LTE network. You may recall recent commercials by both AT&T and Verizon pushing almost exclusively LTE devices.

CES can’t come quick enough.

Source: Pocketnow


  1. Is it me or are screens on mobile phones getting too big? I’m currently using a Dell VP and it’s 4″ screen is about as large as I want to go!

  2. My hands are on the small side for a man and I can easily navigate the my Titan. I thought the 4.7″ screen would be too large but it feels great. It also makes typing and reading so much easier. I thought 4″ was the sweet spot but I was really wrong, in part. I think for most consumers the 4″ is a good size and I believe this is the size the new iPhone will have. But for me I blog and send upwards of 20+ emails every day and comment on tons of articles. That size is a godsend on my eyes.

  3. This device exhibits perfectly the main problem I have with WP7’s UI design:
    Asymmetrical layouts drive me nuts. It’s offset, off-center, and drives me mad.

  4. Really looking forward to getting my hands on this baby. I qualify for an upgrade on March 15, so timing is about perfect.

  5. Yes, I want this device and I will upgrade my Focus to this once it is available. I qualify for an upgrade during May.

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