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Has Nokia found their calling? Photography?

Its hard to stand apart in the smartphone market these days, it is even more difficulty to do so in a positive way. With a market dominated by a handful of devices and everything else scrambling to live up to the hype, purpose built platforms or devices in general are none existent.

Ever since the Lumia 920, Nokia has been a blip on people’s radar. Strong sales, though nothing to challenge the heavy hitters thus far, would indicate the Lumia 920 is at the very least a consideration for some. Thanks to Nokia, the Lumia’s strong suit has been not only photography and specifically low light capabilities, but videography as well.

This is a trend Nokia is looking to improve upon with the upcoming Lumia 928 release on the Verizon network. Besides the iPhone 5, there is currently no challenger in sight on that network, coupled with strong interests, I expect the Lumia 928 to do well. The one key feature I think will sell that device is without doubt its camera abilities. Last piece to the puzzle, give the people INSTAGRAM!!!!


Check out this amazing video show entirely with the Lumia 928 showcasing the phone’s OIS features.