Wow this is coming to together a lot sooner than even the rumors are indicating. For all you anxiously awaiting the ATRIX 4G on AT&T then Amazon is shedding a little more light that it will be happening sooner than later. Originally we thought it would be the first of March before we saw the Dual Core QHD Display  Motorola ATRIX hitting the AT&T stores. Then a Best Buy employee leaked that they would be going live with the ATRIX 4G sometime towards the end of February after receiving the ATRIX in the warehouses February 13th. Now it looks like Amazon is letting folks know that they will have the AT&T Flagship Android device February 11th. You know what they say if it sounds too good to be true, and it is highly doubtful that the February 11th date is real and the price listed at $149.99 also seems a little on the low side for a device of this caliber.

Folks things are really starting to heat up!

[via engadget]


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