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Hipstreet Introduces New iPhone Projector

I have a thing for projectors and I don’t know why, I just think they’re interesting especially the mini ones. iPhone users can now have a projector of their very own thanks to Hipstreet. Sure it makes your iPhone twice as tick, but hey you’ve got a portable projector so you can be one of the cool kids on the block! No price listed on their site, just ‘coming soon’ and it features 640×360 resolution and is powered by a built-in lithium battery.



Break out the popcorn. There’s never been an easier way to host movie night.

The new Hipstreet iPhone 4/4s Pocket DLP Projector turns a user’s iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s into an on-the-go theater. Movie lovers can turn any wall into the big screen – creating sharp images as large as 50 inches on virtually any surface. With a 640×360-pixel native resolution, the projector uses DLP technology, so movies, photos, slide shows and documents are always bright and crystal clear. Watch YouTube or Netflix with the touch of a button.

Business users can take their presentations on the go with Hipstreet’s iPhone Pocket Projector. No need to rely on cumbersome, balky technology anymore. The business uses are only limited by the imagination. The projector is compatible with any application that runs on an iPhone. Professionals can show off PowerPoint demonstrations, marketing videos, graphics or other related business materials.

Sales professionals can be prepared for a pitch at a moment’s notice – and in nearly any location: on a hotel room curtain or an airport wall. The Pocket Projector functions effectively as the executive’s time-saver and deal-closer.

Users can slip their phones into and out of the projector case with ease. The Pocket Projector has a built-in 2100 mAh lithium battery, chargeable via USB connection. The case serves as a backup power source to charge the iPhone.

Hipstreet’s Pocket Projector has a built-in 0.5-watt speaker and volume control, so viewers won’t miss a word. The iPhone’s headphone jack allows users to connect external speakers for bigger sound. The Pocket Projector features adjustable focus, so images are always crisp.