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Motorola makes it hard to choose Droid 4 or RAZR?

schmackdown-wirefly-droid4-razrFor those of you that were cradle smartphone geeks like me, we remember with longing the days of the slide out QWERTY  keyboards we affectionately called “Converged Devices”  Those days are long past and so it seems is the slide out keyboard. So remnants remain of course. There is a handful of low to medium grade smartphones out there that have a keyboard still, but it has been absent from  the flagship devices with the exception of one OEM, Motorola. Motorola, the band of merry men responsible for manufacturing the DROID Series of smartphone still keeps one Primordial  Titan within their ranks which  is simply called the Droid and numbered there after with it’s next iteration.

I got my hands on the last Droid 3 and reviewed and loved the Keyboard. The Droid 4 will surely be nothing short of awesome with it’s slide out keyboard and what is really nice is how the screen size on the slide out keyboard devices continue to grow while the thickness continues to decrease. On the other hand, the DROID RAZR has form and function as you can see from our video unboxing as well as complete review.

So today, we got the folks at Wirefly lining the two devices up and letting out another Schmackdown between the two. Wait a second, the Droid 4 is not even released right? Yeah, well I guess that’s why it sucks to be us and it’s great to work at the Wirefly Bat Cave, they get all the toys before we do. Bob puts the Droid 4 and Droid RAZR up to the text in a video below and then they have their complete review of the Droid 4 after that in the next video. Check them out as well as Bob’s multi colored striped shirt.  Kept looking for the Android cuff links he is rumored to have, but I never saw them. [/snicker]

Wirefly Motorola DROID 4 Review:

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